The Quarterly Newsletter of the Latin American Studies Association

Summer 2021

Volume 52 Issue 3 July 2021
by Gerardo Otero
por Gioconda Herrera

Guillermo O’Donnell Prize Lecture, LASA International Congress, May 27, 2021

by Susan Stokes


by Wayne A. Cornelius

Dossier: The China–Latin America and Caribbean Relation
Edited by Enrique Dussel Peters

by Gerardo Otero
por Enrique Dussel Peters
by Evelyn Hu-DeHart
por Andrés Serbin
by R. Evan Ellis
by Rebecca Ray, Kehan Wang, and Zara C. Albright
by Monica DeHart
by Adrian H. Hearn

In Memoriam

por Marisa G. Ruiz Trejo y Ana Lucía Ramazzini
por Cecilia Senén González y Antonio Aravena Carrasco
by Paloma Diaz and Raul Madrid
by Marysa Navarro and Milagros Pereyra